Winter Weather Can Damage Your House. Here’s How to Stop It

house gutter ice dam
Winter weather can do a number on your house. From flooding due to ice dams, to roof damage from snow and ice, there’s a lot that can go wrong during the winter. Fortunately, there are some simple low-cost things you can do to protect your home from Mother Nature’s fury. 1. Outside faucets. Drain outside faucets and then turn them off from the inside. Also, make sure your hoses are drained and disconnected. And, if you have a sprinkler system, blow compressed air through it to void any ...
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Winter Driving Putting You Edge? Here Are Some Safety Tips

driving in the snow
Being on the road when there’s ice or snow can rattle the best of us. In the moment, it can be hard to know what to do if you start to skid or feel like you are losing control. That’s why it’s best to be informed and prepared beforehand. We hope these tips make this winter a little safer for you. One easy way to remember how to stay safe is the acronym ADC: Stay ALERT. Slow DOWN.Stay in CONTROL.  Staying alert Be mindful of road conditions. Remember, it takes ...
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