Smart financial planning includes Long Term Care to pay for potential extended health care needs

If you or a loved one experiences a medical crisis in the future, you may be covered under health insurance and government programs like Medicare. However, health insurance and Medicare do not adequately cover long term care costs. You may have a spouse/partner, family or friends who could help you. However, consider the emotional and financial strain that long term care could put on your relationships.

No one likes to think about the potential need for long term care, but you should know your options in case you or a loved one needs care.

Long Term Care provides coverage where health insurance and government plans fall short.

What Long Term Care provides:

  • Ongoing health care after an injury or illness is stabilized; or care due to slowly deteriorating health
  • Help with daily living, such as dressing, eating and bathing
  • Help provided in your home, or in a variety of settings or facilities

How Long Term Care Insurance could help you

  • If your situation called for long term care, you, your doctor or a family member would contact your insurer
  • Many insurers would provide a care coordinator to help find care providers in your area such as visiting nurses
  • You would receive benefit payments for covered care