Safeguard Yourself from Fraud

shutterstock_170475791While the Northeast has been spared from many of the most recent hurricanes, it is still a good idea to be prepared just in case a storm strikes. Remember to act cautiously in the event your property is damaged. Unfortunately, during times of natural disasters, many people often fall victim to fraudulent behavior by less-than-reputable contractors.

To protect you and your family from scams and fraud, The Insurance Center offers the following tips:

  • Check with the State of New Hampshire Licensing Verification site to confirm the contractor is licensed and in good standing
  • Obtain at least three written estimates for your project
  • Request proof of insurance and a current copy of their policy
  • Create a written contract detailing the project
  • Do not pay the full cost of repairs up-front
  • Visit the Better Business Bureau website ( to see if there are complaints against the contractor or the company
  • Pay the cost of the project upon successful completion

We also remind you to call The Insurance Center at 603.542.2551 to make sure all work is completed in accordance with the requirements of your homeowner’s policy.