Protect your home with these preventative measures

‘Spring Cleaning’ has a whole different meaning for homeowners

After a long and snowy winter season, New England residents are welcoming warmer days. Before you plan an excursion through our woodlands, homeowners may want to consider some preventative measures to protect their home from further degradation. To help homeowners prioritize projects, the Insurance Center has outlined some key areas that may need your attention sooner rather than later.

“Spring cleaning has a different significance for homeowners,” said Insurance Center President Robert J. Sammon. “Homeowners who are proactive in maintaining their homes before the start of spring are usually better off because they are able to prevent costly repairs down the line such as moisture problems.”

Here are some preventative measures that could help homeowners have a worry-free summer.

Trim overarching branches

Before trees return to life in the spring, homeowners should trim branches near their home so they are at least seven feet away. This will prevent debris from building on your roof or gutters, and it will discourage animals from venturing into your home.

Exam the foundation vents

The vents alongside the foundation of homes play a critical role in preventing mold growth by providing air circulation that spreads out moisture. All sorts of debris can block these vents during the winter, but they can also be damaged from animals seeking shelter during the cold months. Homeowners are urged to clean the vents, or repair them if needed.

Look at the fireplace

Homeowners may have unknowingly built up more of the highly combustible oil creosote when they used the chimney during the especially cold months. The Chimney Safety Institute of America recommends having a professional clean the chimney at least twice a year, which can help homeowners avoid a fire.

Fix heating system

Your heating system works non-stop during the winter months making it prone to damage. If you have heard strange noises coming from your pipes or heating system, call a professional before continued use exacerbates any issues.

In addition to the precautions mentioned above, homeowners may want to hire a professional to exam their roof and gutters because harsh winters can place an enormous stress on these structures. By taking all of these precautions into consideration, homeowners can help secure the financial well being of their family.

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