Essential Tips to Keep Fire Pits Burning Safely

Here are some tips to prevent fire pits from becoming a hazard

Few family activities can create the same bonding experience as gathering around a fire. Every year, thousands of New Hampshire families cozy up next to fire pits to share stories, reminisce about the past, and discuss hopes for the future. As we head into the middle of summer, the Insurance Center would like to share tips to help homeowners avoid a fire-related incident and enjoy a memorable evening with family and friends.

“Fire pits can make a lovely addition to homes and are great for entertaining guests. Their allure for creating a warm and inviting ambiance comes with the drawback of bringing a fire risk to homes if they are not properly used,” said Robert J. Sammon. “Families can become so enveloped in conversations, they will sometimes overlook obvious hazards.”

According to the National Fire Protection Association, fire pits and outdoor fireplaces cause an average of 3,700 grass and brush fires every year. Some of those accidents have caused significant property and structural damage to homes.

To help keep your family safe and reduce the chance of an accident involving fire pits, the Insurance Center urges homeowners to keep these safety tips in mind.

Keep Fire Pits a Safe Distance Away

Homeowners should aim to keep fire pits between 10 and 20 feet away from their home and nearby plants. Furthermore, fire pits should always be placed on a level surface to help prevent fire from escaping.

Only Use Natural Wood

Most types of wood including cedar, oak, and hickory can be used in a fire pit. Avoid using construction materials such as plywood because it can release toxic chemicals into the air. In addition, lighters and gasoline should never be used to start a fire.

Make an Emergency Plan

Fires can be spontaneous and they can spread quickly if they are left unsupervised. Having a water hose or bags of sand nearby can be useful in extinguishing fires quickly.

Organize Seats Strategically

Guests around the fire pit should not have trouble moving in and out of their seats. Hosts can ensure people remain safe by having adequate spacing between the chairs and fireplace.

Douse fires properly

Homeowners should ensure fires are completely doused when heading indoors. Otherwise, flying embers can present a fire risk to homes and nearby greenery. It is generally recommended that hosts pour water and stir the pit until all wood fragments are completely soaked.

Whether you have an outdoor fire pit or a make-shift one, these tips can help homeowners avoid accidents.

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