Safety Precautions to Prevent Accidents This Back-to-School Season

At the start of September, countless yellow buses served as a reminder to motorists that school is back-in-session. With more children getting ready to go to school every morning, The Insurance Center would like to share a few suggestions to make sure everyone arrives to their destination safely and on time.

School buses can be seen in residential neighborhoods around 7 a.m. on a regular school day. With kids walking on sidewalks and buses seemingly on every corner, motorists need to drive cautiously to prevent an accident.

“Many people are usually rushing out the door around this time to avoid being late for work. In that haste, motorists could be involved in an accident that was completely avoidable,” said Robert J. Sammon, President of The Insurance Center.

To help prevent an accident and help keep kids safe, The Insurance Center encourages you to review these back-to-school safety precautions.

  • Always exit your driveway slowly in the mornings
  • Never pass a bus that is loading or unloading children
  • Drive slowly in residential neighborhoods
  • Give school buses enough space in case they make a sudden stop
  • Follow the special speed limits around school zones
  • Avoid ‘rolling through’ stop signs, especially near schools
  • If you are dropping off your kids, park where they can avoid crossing the street
  • Talk to your kids about road safety
  • Leave home earlier to avoid rushing

Practice these tips the next time you are heading to work to help make the roads safer. A valued partner for generations of families in New Hampshire, The Insurance Center is dedicated to reducing financial risks through competitively priced auto, home, and business insurance policies. Speak with one of our insurance agents at 603-542-2551 to learn other ways you can drive more safely.