Insuring Your College Student

shutterstock_299645594American college students are among the most technologically savvy in the world, so when they move to campus it means taking items ranging from basics like televisions and stereos to more sophisticated equipment such as smart phones, laptops, iPods and iPads.

For parents, concerns over the loss of this collection of valuable equipment, through damage or theft, is very real. The Insurance Center understands this unique situation and can help arrange protection with the many top-rated, local and national insurance companies we represent. Most of these valuables can remain protected by extending Homeowners’ Insurance to students who are away from home.

Auto Insurance seems like an obvious point of savings when children are away at college, but simply taking them off the policy is not entirely practical. Arranging to have discounted student auto coverage for when he or she returns home for weekends or holidays is a more efficient and safe way to maintain insurance without breaking your budget. Distant Student Discounts are available, with varying requirements that usually include the student being under the age of 23 and attending college full time and at least 100 miles from home.

Hard work at school can also find rewards beyond high grades. Good Student Discounts are available from some of our partner firms to students who maintain at least a 3.0 grade point average.

Please contact your Insurance Center agent at 603.542.2551 to discuss your options and customize your coverage. As a Trusted Choice Agency, we want to help you and your child focus on the joy and wonder of the college experience without worry.