Pool Safety Tips You Need to Know

If you have a pool, fun in the water is just a few steps away from your house. Pools can be a great way for kids to cool off and spend their free time during the summer. If you’re having a party, pools can be a great draw.They can also be deadly, particularly for children. “Having an unfenced pool is like having an uncaged lion in your backyard,” Morgan Miller, whose daughter drowned in a friend’s pool, told Parents.com. “To a child, that big furry animal could look like something fun to...
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The Importance of Insurance for Boats

Boat insurance is not required by law in New Hampshire or Vermont, but it’s still a good idea to get it. Like other forms of insurance, boat insurance mitigates risk, protecting your investment and shielding your assets from costly liability claims. Boating without insurance in the hopes that following safety procedures will be enough is just as irresponsible as driving a car without auto insurance. Boating accidents are a serious risk — every year there are thousands of accidents across...
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Brush Up on These Safety Tips Before You Grill

Memorial Day Weekend is here, which means grilling season has begun. Grilling is undoubtedly one of the best parts of summer. But throw in drinking and the distractions of family and holiday events and it can become a recipe for disaster. Every year, grills are the source of 10,600 home fires, sending 19,700 people to the emergency room, according to the National Fire Protection Association. Whenever you’re dealing with anything fire-related, you should use extra caution. And don’t th...
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10 Facts You Need to Know about Flood Insurance

flood insurance photo
Deciding to get flood insurance can be one of the most important things you do for your house and the future of your finances. Here are 10 facts we want you to know about flood insurance. 1. Homeowner’s insurance doesn’t cover floods. The typical homeowner’s insurance policy covers a lot, including lightning strikes, volcanoes, and things that fall out of the sky. But not floods. So if heavy rainfall turns your backyard creek into the Nile, you’ll be out of luck if you don’t have flood i...
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After Spring Cleaning, Do These Home Maintenance Chores

home maintenance photo
Spring isn’t just a time for doing some casual house cleaning. This is also one of the best times to do some serious home maintenance. Here’s what to focus on. Window of opportunity. This is the time of year when we tend to change out the storm windows for screens. Make sure you check your screen for any holes or tears that bugs could slip into. A typical hardware store will have what you need to make repairs. Beating the bugs. Spring is the best time to spray for bugs. If your yar...
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Protect Your Assets with Umbrella Insurance

teenage party photo
Imagine you’re out of town and your teenage children host a party where drinking is involved. Some kids drink too much, trip, and seriously injure themselves. Their parents sue you. A house party could end in a costly lawsuit. That’s where umbrella insurance comes in. Umbrella insurance provides coverage for liabilities that exceed the normal policy limits of your car, homeowner’s, or watercraft insurance. It covers the injuries and damage to other people and their property—and not just w...
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Floods Require Protection Beyond Homeowner’s Insurance

flooded kitchen photo
There’s a lot that your typical homeowner’s insurance policy will cover—fires, hurricanes, lightning strikes, and other disasters. But floods aren’t one of them. Just 1 in. of water in your home could cost you $25,000. The problem is floods are the “most common and costly natural disaster,” according to the Insurance Information Institute, which says that 90 percent of all natural disasters involve some kind of flooding. Over the last four decades, flood-related damage has caused over $26...
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Here’s Why Everyone Needs Life Insurance

Who needs life insurance?  Answer: Just about everyone.  If you’re just married and have kids, life insurance will ensure your spouse and children are provided for. If you and your spouse just bought a house, life insurance means that the mortgage payments will continue and your spouse won’t lose your house. If you are a small business owner, life insurance extends similar protections over your partners and employees.  If you’re concerned about leaving your debt to a...
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Ice Dams Can Be Disastrous, But You Can Prevent Them

When it comes to winter weather, the only thing worse than the snow and the cold is ice. We tend to worry most about ice when it comes to road conditions and walking out to our cars, but ice can also do serious damage to our homes in the form of ice dams.  And yes, they are as bad as they sound.  Ice dams form when heat evaporating from your roof melts the snow on top of it. When the snow refreezes, it becomes an ice dam, usually forming at the edge of your roof. Ice dams ca...
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Winter Weather Can Damage Your House. Here’s How to Stop It

house gutter ice dam
Winter weather can do a number on your house. From flooding due to ice dams, to roof damage from snow and ice, there’s a lot that can go wrong during the winter. Fortunately, there are some simple low-cost things you can do to protect your home from Mother Nature’s fury. 1. Outside faucets. Drain outside faucets and then turn them off from the inside. Also, make sure your hoses are drained and disconnected. And, if you have a sprinkler system, blow compressed air through it to void any ...
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