Thanksgiving is a joyous time, and we want to keep you protected

Although turkeys have become centerpieces for most on Thanksgiving, the feathery bird has also gained a reputation for causing home fires when fried. Whether you fry your turkey or bake it for several hours, Insurance Center would like to warn homeowners that home cooking fires usually peak on Thanksgiving according to the U.S. Fire Administration.

“Homeowners can prevent the majority of these fire by simply being attentive in the kitchen,” said Robert J. Sammon, president of Insurance Center. “There are several ways to reduce the chance of a fire that could make the holiday more enjoyable.”

Insurance Center would like to suggest a few fire safety precautions so you can have a safer Thanksgiving.

Frying turkeys poses a higher risk

Many people have turned to frying turkeys outside to minimize the risk of a home fire, but that doesn’t necessarily mean there is no danger. There are a number of things you should definitely consider to avoid a fire. First, the turkey should be completely thawed. Make sure boilers are completely turned off before slowly placing a turkey in and that the pot holding the turkey is completely level and not at an angle.

Be mindful of flammable items including your clothes

Home fires on Thanksgiving usually result from overcooked food items, but there are many cases where nearby items have caught on fire. One thing that is frequently overlooked is people’s attire, specifically loose-fitting clothes. Look out for other items like towels or wooden spoons too, which are usually resting on or near hot stove tops.

Bring everyone to the kitchen

Hosts who are cooking rarely like to leave guests unattended during their stay. As a result, hosts will entertain family and friends at the expense of leaving food cooking without supervision. This can lead to fires. Most guests are either close friends or immediate family members that would not mind being with you in the kitchen if invited.

Inspect your fire alarms

Three out of five deaths resulting from a home fire occurred in residences where there was a broken fire alarm or no alarm at all, according to the National Fire Protection Association. Minimize the risk of serious injury by ensuring your fire alarms are working properly before Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving fires account for millions in losses and many lives lost every year. Although homeowners insurance would cover most fires in the event of an accident, insurance companies can do little in regards to loss of human life. The Insurance Center urges you to consider these precautions to protect your family, but most importantly so that you can enjoy Thanksgiving with your loved for many years to come. To speak with an Insurance Center agent about other preventative measures or insurance packages, call one of our office locations.