Take Caution Before Sparking Up the Fire Pit

Nights by the outside fire pit are a summer tradition for many families. When gathering for a fun evening with friends and loved ones, it is important to remember the dangers that fires can present. To help you avoid accidents around a fire pit, The Insurance Center would like to share a few basic safety tips. 

According to Robert J. Sammon, President of The Insurance Center, “Some of the most severe, unexpected accidents around a fire pit often result from poor planning,” he said. “However, taking just a few, simple safety precautions, before the fire is ignited, will help to ensure the safety of your family and property.”

For a fun and safe summer this year, The Insurance Center encourages you to consider the safety precautions below:

Choose the Right Location.

When placing your fire pit in the yard, it is essential to consider its surroundings. The fire pit must be placed away from the house or any other structure, at a distance of at least 10 to 15 feet. Additionally, it should not be located underneath anything, such as a tree or awning. 

Know what wood you’re using and how to use it.

When placing wood in the fire, make sure it is the correct size and fits completely inside of your fire pit. Various types of wood will also burn differently. It is important to use wood that is at least 6 months old to ensure proper wood seasoning and a longer, cleaner burn.

Be mindful of guests, especially children, around the flame.

Guests can often become distracted and get too close to the flames. This could result in sparks or embers landing on their clothes or other type of hazardous conditions. It is critically important to make sure children are kept at a safe distance from the fire and are not allowed to play anywhere near the fire pit.

Keep a hose or fire blanket close.

If any accidents were to occur, such as a spark catching on dead grass or clothing, it is important to have a hose or fire blanket handy to douse the flame.

Extinguish the fire completely 

Fire pits are comprised of different materials, which means there are specific ways to put out the fire according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Review the manual or research the best way to completely extinguish the fire. 

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