Strategies to Help Prevent Impaired Driving During the Holidays

With so many gatherings and parties around Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve, it seems appropriate for December to be proclaimed as National Impaired Driving Prevention Month. Every year, more than 10,000 people die from alcohol-related crashes that could have been prevented, and many of those accidents peak around the end of the year. As you join family and friends to celebrate the festivities ahead, The Insurance Center would like to share some strategies to help prevent impaired driving from happening at your gatherings.

“It is important for anyone celebrating the holidays this year to drink responsibly because their decisions can have major repercussions for other families and their own financial wellbeing,” said Robert J. Sammon, President of the Insurance Center. Impaired driving has been issue in America since cars were first invented, Sammon noted, but it wasn’t until 1981 that the government observed December as a month of impairment prevention.

Besides the negative consequences to your health, alcohol can be deadlier when an intoxicated individual gets behind the wheel. The reason is because thinking, reasoning, and muscle coordination are all impaired when alcohol is consumed, and these functions are essential in a person’s ability to drive safely.

As people prepare for the holidays ahead, The Insurance Center encourages you to share these tips to help prevent impaired driving.

  • Don’t let your friends or family members drive while intoxicated
  • Make sure you have a designated driver before you start drinking
  • Plan on using a ride-sharing platform or have a taxi pick you up
  • Keep on eye on the drinking behaviors of friends or family if you are hosting
  • Always wear a seatbelt, especially in December when other drivers might be intoxicated
  • Be conscious of the fines, embarrassment, and increased insurance costs tied to a DUI

If saving a life doesn’t deter people from driving under the influence, motorists should also know that a DUI can cost thousands of dollars in fines and a significant increase in auto insurance premiums.

The Insurance Center encourages individuals to have a fun and memorable holiday break, but to do so in a responsible manner that will help keep families together and safe. Call your nearest Insurance Center location to learn about the insurance policies we provide, and other ways you can protect your family this season.