Night Time Driving Tips for Weary Thanksgiving Travelers

November is one of the most traveled months of the year, and as a result it is also one of the most hazardous times to be on the road. As you make travel arrangements to see friends and family this Thanksgiving, The Insurance Center urges motorists to heed these safety precautions to stay safe on the road.

“Historically, millions of drivers hit the road around Thanksgiving to see their family,” said Robert J. Sammon, “It is no coincidence that we also see a spike in automobile accidents around this time of year.”

To help motorists enjoy the upcoming holiday to the fullest, here are a few tips and precautions to consider before heading out: 

Drive During Daylight Hours

Motorists will have a better view of the road during the daytime, but are also less likely to encounter intoxicated drivers. 

Reduce Your Speed

Driving at higher speeds and being involved in an accident is always linked to more severe injuries. Slow down to stay safe.

Minimize Distractions

Answering the phone while driving can take your eyes off the road for a dangerous amount of time. Remember, motorists could cross the length of a football field in just five seconds.

Dim Your Dashboard Lights

Bright dashboards in complete darkness could strain your eyes, which can impact your road visibility during long car rides.

Drive When Fully Rested

The National Safety Council found that losing 2 hours of sleep is like driving after having three beers. Avoid getting behind the wheel if you are tired. 

Have Foggy Headlights Cleaned

Foggy headlights are more than a cosmetic defect, it can impact how much you can see. For a small fee, headlights can be cleaned to look like new.

Don’t Get Behind the Wheel if Intoxicated

No matter the circumstances, motorists should never drive if they have had a few drinks. Make lodging arrangements early on to avoid driving while intoxicated.

Thanksgiving has been celebrated across the country for as long as anyone can remember. Make sure you and your family can enjoy many more to come by heeding our precautions. If you need to add another layer of protection before the holidays, the Insurance Center encourages you to give us a call at 603.542.2551.