Keep mold out of your home with these tips

Did you know that September is National Mold Awareness Month? As rain sweeps through New Hampshire, homeowners should know the fall season creates the ideal environment for mold to grow. To help homeowners protect their family from hazardous spores and prevent costly repairs down the line, the Insurance Center would like to share some tips that will help keep your home mold-free.

“Many people may not realize that mold can cause allergic reactions and respiratory problems for family members. It also has the potential to cause significant damage to your home and personal belongings,” said Robert J. Sammon, president of the Insurance Center. “Fortunately, homeowners can take a few precautions to keep their property in tip-top shape.”

Here are some mold prevention tips to help keep your home clean and safe:

Check the exterior of your home

Homeowners should ensure that water is being diverted away from their home, and that cracks around the home’s foundation are properly sealed. An additional step would be to make sure that the yard’s landscape is not contributing to any basement flooding.

Remove wet items

If water gets into your basement, restoration experts advise that porous items such as furniture, carpets, or drywall should be removed from the property within 48 hours. Once mold gains a foothold on an item, it may release spores that could spread the fungus to other surfaces.

Look for leaks

Sources of moisture that may promote mold growth include leaky pipes or roofs, drainage issues, wet items within the home, and damp basements. It is important to regularly check these potential sources of moisture, and to call a licensed contractor to address the cause of mold problems.

Humidity needs to be controlled

An acceptable amount of humidity in the home’s air should fall between 30 to 50 percent. There are several tools you can use to measure humidity, but it is important to remember that lower humidity levels decrease the likelihood that mold will grow.

Be cognizant of strange smells

Homeowners should be aware of strange odors that may warrant calling a contractor.

The Insurance Center has been protecting families from all types of losses for over 100 years, and we will continue to protect the interests of families for many years to come. If you are interested in other ways to protect your family, speak with an agent from the Insurance Center today.