After Spring Cleaning, Do These Home Maintenance Chores

Spring isn’t just a time for doing some casual house cleaning. This is also one of the best times to do some serious home maintenance.

Here’s what to focus on.

Window of opportunity. This is the time of year when we tend to change out the storm windows for screens. Make sure you check your screen for any holes or tears that bugs could slip into. A typical hardware store will have what you need to make repairs.

Beating the bugs. Spring is the best time to spray for bugs. If your yard is prone to mosquitoes, now is the time to drain or fill in any standing water. Keep an eye out for termites too. If you see winged insects around a hole in a wooden beam or post, that’s a sure sign of trouble. Call a termite removal service before you have a real problem.

Cooling it. Make sure your air conditioning is ready to go for the warm weather. Things to check include the filter, house connections, and drain pans. Or, check to see if you can have it professionally serviced.

A checkup from the roof to the foundation. Now is also the time to take stock of what damage winter might have done. Grab a pair of binoculars and scan your roof for cracks, missing shingles, or nails that are sticking up. If you have a chimney, keep an eye out for white calcium deposits and spots where vegetation may be growing—both are signs that water has started leaking in between the joints. Clean out your gutters. Check your walls for water stains or openings that ants, woodpeckers, and rodents might get into. Finally, do a similar run around your foundation, scoping out any cracks. When in doubt, consult a professional about repairs.

Taking concrete steps. The winter-spring freeze and thawing cycle affects your driveway and walkways as much as it does the roads. So check for cracks in your driveway and on any stone, paved, or concrete pathways around your house.

TLC for your decks and patios. Before you can start enjoying your deck or patio you need to check for damage. If you have a deck, see if any boards are loose or have splinters. If the finish is coming off, now is the time to redo it. Next, power wash your decks and patios. Then it’s time to bring out all the furniture you stored away for the winter. You may be able to hose down the furniture too or clean it with detergent.

Clearing the yard. With the snow and ice gone, it will be easier to rake away any leftover leaves from the fall as well as any downed branches from the winter. Not only will this beautify your property, it also will avoid damage to the grass and changes to soil chemistry that could benefit weeds. If you have sprinklers, do a walk-thru zone by zone, making sure none of the heads are damaged and are spraying in the right direction.

Updating your insurance. Now, after all that work, make sure your home insurance is serving all your needs. We provide insurance that is customized to your personal needs. In addition to your home, our policies cover your garage and other buildings, personal property, and extra living expenses. See our homeowner’s insurance page for more information.

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