Five ways to keep your home dry this Spring

A rainy season could cause basement flooding

Just when New Hampshire homeowners thought they could rest from the tumultuous weather patterns of winter, the month of April can bring enough rainfall and melting snow to flood their basement. To help families prevent or minimize flood damage, the Insurance Center has suggestions that can help homeowners beat a rainier than expected season.

Insurance Center President Robert J. Sammon said, “Floods in the basement can pose a significant health risk for family members if appliances or other electrical equipment are around, as well as significant damage to flooring and furniture.”

If your home has a history of flooding, the methods below could reduce the amount of water penetrating your home.

Protect your foundation from roots

Some homeowners may begin to plant trees soon, but most trees should be planted at least 10 feet away from your home. Growing tree roots can cause cracks in your foundation where water can seep through.

Make sure the area around the foundation slopes

Homeowners can reduce their risk for flooding during heavy rainfall by ensuring that the soil around the house is sloped away from the basement. A landscaper can help you achieve the ideal slope grade.

Temporarily close foundation vents

Foundation vents should be covered when rain is in the forecast. It is one of the most common ways water enters a home and can easily be prevented by covering vents with a thick plastic specifically designed for this purpose.

Gutter and downspouts should be unobstructed

Clogged gutters can cause water to overflow so they should be cleaned regularly. Since gutters are designed to draw water away from your roof, a clogged gutter can cause leaking issues for any home. Furthermore, homeowners should make sure downspouts around the home are diverting water away from the foundation.

Check the roof

The winter can take a toll on any roof, but damaged tiles or shingles could let water seep into your attic causing further water damage. A professional should be able to determine whether repairs are needed.

The Insurance Center is committed to protecting your family from financial loss. These are just some methods to help protect your family from unforeseen expenses that could arise in the coming months. For other ways to protect your family and home from common dangers, speak with an Insurance Center agent by calling 603-542-2551.