College Kids Could Still Use Your Support

Insurance Tips for Families with College Bound Kids

Sending kids to college can be an exciting and emotionally charged experience for parents. With school and dorm supplies on your mind, it is easy to overlook the new insurance needs of your family. As part of our commitment to help keep your family financially secure, The Insurance Center would like to highlight a few insurance tips for families with college bound kids.

“Families can be overwhelmed with emotions when saying goodbye to their college bound kids. While it is an important moment in your daughter or son’s life, you can help them in their transition by reevaluating your family’s insurance policies,” said Robert J. Sammon, President of The Insurance Center.  

If you are saying farewell to your daughter or son this upcoming semester, we encourage you to learn about these insurance updates that should be on your mind.

Auto Insurance

If your student is bringing a car to campus, your policy may need to be adjusted. Auto insurance policies can vary by state, and it is important to notify your insurance agent to avoid any unexpected issues.

Health Insurance

Under the Affordable Care Act, families can keep their kids under their health insurance plan until they reach 26 years of age. Most colleges require students to have health insurance in case something were to happen, but you’ll want to avoid paying twice for health insurance.

Homeowner’s and Renter’s Insurance

Students’ belongings could still be covered under the family’s homeowners insurance policy if they live on campus. Families should speak with a representative from The Insurance Center to make sure their student is covered regardless of their living situation.

As your children become more independent, The Insurance Center would like to remind families that there is more you can do to help your kids realize their full potential. Call 603.542.2551 to discuss your insurance needs with one of our agents today.