Avoid Flood Damage this Season

ffr-neighborhood-floodWinter is finally behind us and we can look forward to the season ahead.  However, at The Insurance Center we want to make certain that our valued policyholders are aware of the potential for flooding during the springtime thaw.

Melting snow, blocked drains and spring showers are all factors that lead to spring flooding. And with this winter’s heavy snow accumulation, floods may happen more often as the season progresses.

This is why we suggest adding flood insurance to your current homeowners or business policy.  If you live in a moderate-to-low risk area, you may be eligible for a preferred risk flood policy for a very low cost per year. Remember, just a few inches of flooding can cause tens of thousands of dollars in damage and is not covered by your homeowners or business insurance.

This type of insurance can take up to 30 days to activate for protection of your home or business, so we encourage you to take action soon. Make certain you’re properly protected and call your Insurance Center agent today at (603) 542-2551.