A Short Guide to Preparing Your Home for the Winter

With seasonal festivities quickly approaching, it can be easy to forget essential chores that should be completed in November. Before bone-chilling temperatures arrive in New Hampshire, The Insurance Center encourages you to take appropriate steps to winterize your home.  

“Preparing your home for the harsher temperatures of winter is important because it saves homeowners time and money,” said Robert J. Sammon, President of The Insurance Center. “A few precautions can help prevent major losses that typically only occur in the winter.”

Here are a few proactive steps you can take ahead of the holidays.

Clear Your Gutters and Downspouts

Leaves, branches, and other debris could prevent water from being diverted. Furthermore, clogged or inefficient gutters could lead to ice dams or snow melt that could damage your home.

Have Home Heating Systems Cleaned

Regular maintenance of furnaces is a must to prevent malfunctions in the winter. If malfunctions were to occur on a frigid night, pipes in your home could freeze, burst, and flood your basement or living area.

Turn Off Outdoor Faucet

Neglecting to turn off the outdoor faucet correctly could lead to thousands in repairs. Use an online resource to learn how to drain pipes for the winter.

Make Sure Heating Equipment is Safe to Use

Space heaters could become damaged over time. Homeowners should avoid using space heaters if the cord appears damaged. Remember to follow other manufacturer instructions as well.

Check Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Detector 

Since home fires are more likely to occur in the colder months, homeowners should ensure smoke alarms are working properly. Most detectors have a test feature, but it is also recommended to change the batteries every year.

Trim Trees and Nearby Branches

Trees and branches can become overburdened by the weight of snow. Consider calling an arborist to address overhanging branches that could break loose and damage your home.

Prepare for Snow

Instead of heading to a hardware store for ice melt when it snows, you can save time and avoid the crowds by purchasing everything you need sooner.

Check Your Homeowners Insurance Policy

Many renovations are performed over the summer and fall months. If updates were made to your home, contact The Insurance Center to make sure you have the right amount of coverage.

There are many revolving parts to consider when preparing your home for the winter. A partner of the community for generations, The Insurance Center is committed to keeping families and business owners financially secure. Call 603.542.2551 to speak with an Insurance Center agent today.