A Homeowner’s Guide to Keeping Guests Safe on Halloween

Halloween is one of the most dangerous nights for children. With kids roaming the streets in the dark, it is easy to see why homeowners and parents need to take extra precautions to keep kids safe. In advance of the spooky night, The Insurance Center is sharing a few precautions to help prevent accidents.

A hallmark of Halloween is the jack-o’-lanterns that adorn houses this time of year. Families have traditionally placed a candle in hollowed-out pumpkins to help create an eerie atmosphere, but that practice and many others can come with disastrous consequences.

“Kids can behave erratically and may not understand that their actions could change a person’s life. Jack-o’-lanterns pose a significant fire risk to children with loose costumes and could cause a structural fire if it is knocked over,” said Robert J. Sammon, President of The Insurance Center. “Today, much safer alternatives exist that produce the same effects.”

As families prepare to welcome little goblins and witches, The Insurance Center encourages homeowners to be mindful of the following dangers:


This Halloween themed décor is a must, but homeowners should use battery powered LED lights instead of candles to make their home stand out.

Mark Your Curb

Homeowners can help families and kids stay safe on Halloween by posting reflective signs that indicate to “Watch Out for Children.”

Clear Walkways 

It is important to never let creativity get in the way of function. While scarecrows and witch accents could make your home stand out, make sure these decorations don’t present a tripping hazard.

Light Your Entrance

Having a properly lit walkway could help guests navigate to your entrance more safety. As an added measure, homeowners could install motion lights to deter pranksters.

Make Your Steps Slip Resistant

Ice melt isn’t only good for the winter, it can be great for Halloween too. In case it rains during or before trick-o-treating hours, homeowners can help visitors secure their footing by using ice melt or sand on walkways. 

These are just some of the ways homeowners can ensure that Halloween remains a fun and safe event. While other hazards do exist, The Insurance Center encourages all individuals to be cautious when traveling on Halloween. If you need more suggestions to help prevent injuries or losses on Halloween, we encourage you to speak with our insurance agents at 603.542.2551.